Every month the New Moon presents us with a window for intention setting.  It is a time to hone in on our desires.  It is a time for inwards reflection and listening to your intuition.  The night of the new moon is dark.  The moon is hiding in the sky.  She is telling you to go inward.  

I try to sit each month and plan out what I want to focus on during the next moon cycle.  I usually do a little journaling, light a candle or some incense, lay out some crystals and draw some tarot or oracle cards.  It is a nice time for me to sit with myself and connect.  I lay out my intentions for the next cycle and review what I have accomplished in the previous cycle.  

Some of the prompts I use when jorunalling are:

  • What went well last month?
  • What are my intentions for this moon cycle?  
  • What would I like to manifest this month?
  • What seeds do I want to plant for the month?

Sometimes I’ll add some art or vision boarding to my pages.  This helps me to focus on the intentions I am setting.  It is important to remember that intentions are not goals.  They are more like a feeling.  This took me, especially as a Virgo, a long time to understand.  Now when I set my intentions I start with “I want to feel”.  This helps me to focus and remember that I am not setting goals, rather telling the Universe how I want to feel.  

I often look back on my pages throughout the month to remind myself what I wanted to feel during New Moon. 

The crystals I use for my New Moon Ritual are: Moonstone - embracing the challenge of a new beginning Clear Quartz - amplifying intentions Green Aventurine - stone of new beginnings Obsidian - dispels negative, self limiting thoughts

I like to have them near throughout the 3 days surrounding the New Moon.  (Most moon rituals include the day before and the day after the New/Full Moon) There are some other ways you could mark the New Moon if journaling/art is not your cup of tea so to speak.

You could make New Moon water.  This is when you put a container of water out after sundown to capture the energy of the New Moon.  Leave the water out all night and bring it in before Sunrise.  If you do not have a good outdoor place just stick the water on a windowsill where it can absorb the moon’s energy.  I usually add a few crystals to the jar to add extra intention.   

You could also prepare a moon bath.  Place some epsom salt and sea salt  in a reusable cotton tea bag.  Add some crystals such as clear quartz (to amplify intentions), moonstone (to connect to your intuition) and Rose Quartz (for self love).  You can also add some herbs.  I love lavender (cause it smells divine) and roses.  Let the warm water run over the tea bag, sit back in the tub and enjoy the water.

New Moon is an exciting time.  A time to look at the world with new eyes.  A time to set the overall feeling of the month ahead. A time to plant the seeds for a bright and magical month.