Today marks the return of the fire of the sun.  (Not that you would know it - we are getting over a foot of snow today). Today the earth awakens.  And we awaken.  The hibernation of winter is coming to an end.  We are slowly walking up out of the Underworld.  

After a long winter the ground is awakening.  Seeds are starting to wake from their slumber.  Before we know it there'll be snowdrops and crocuses.  As the Wheel of the year turns so does our energy.  We feel as if we are awakening.  We have an urge to clear out winter's dust and stagnation.  The fire of inspiration fills us.  

Gone are the long dark days.  Slowly the sun is staying in the sky longer.  Its warmth is stronger.  There's an energy of renewal in the air.  Imbolc is a day of healing and clearing.  A day of regeneration and renewal.  

Today is the time to plant the seeds you want to sow this year.  What do you want to manifest?  What goals do you want to focus on? What vows do you want to renew to yourself?  What fire has been smoldering in your heart?

Today is also a day for cleansing and healing.  What do you want the fire of the sun to burn away?  What do you want to leave behind in the underworld? Spring clean out that which is no longer serving you.

As you go through your day today connect with that fire.  Let it burn away that which no longer serves you.  Let it warm and feed that which inspires you.

Blessed Imbolc 🪴