Tumbled Shungite crystal healing geode polished



Shungite tumbled polished crystal

These gorgeous crystals are approximately 1/2 inches in size. This stone has been beautifully polished. You can place it in an altar, hold it, carry it with you, place it near electronics or near your bed. They are beautiful to look at. You will receive one piece of shungite.

It is believed that shungite can stop the transmission of 5g waves and protect the body from all different types of radiation.

Shungite is believed to be over 2 billion years old. Shungite is the only crystal known to naturally contain fullerenes aka Buckyballs, a hollow carbon structure which is said to give Shungite its healing properties. Many people believe Shungite is an excellent stone for magickal and mystical work. It is said to ground spiritual energy to bring it into the Earth plane existence. Shungite is also said to bring Light into the auric energy field, allowing positive energy only to reach within that field. This brings not only physical protection, but also psychic protection. It is said to be protection against the evil eye and negative energies.

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Packaged with care and in a color corresponding tulle bag! I'm excited to begin my learning and usage of crystals - the selection with this shop was amazing!

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