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These stunning Orgonite Obeliska towers points wands have amazing colors with gorgeous copper caps. They stand about 5 inches tall. These guys would be great for a crystal grid or altar. You will receive the crystal you choose.

They come in:

Tanzanite (purple)
Aquamarine (blue)
Mixed Tourmaline (pink)
Hessonite (Garnet) (red)
Tsavorite (green)

Most people use orgonite to balance and strengthen their energetic field, and to help provide protection against EMFs. It contains resin, copper and Quartz along with the crystals above.

Obelisks are designed to release the built up energies in the space where they are placed. Throughout history obelisks have been strategically placed on the earth to slowly dissipate any energy buildup that could cause destruction. Metaphysically, crystal obelisks will act in the same manner when they are placed in a room or indoor space. If there is a buildup of energy in the space the obelisk can help to dissipate the build up. Obelisks can also be used for healing purposes. If you place the base of the obelisk in the affected area it will extract and transmute negative energies.

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My absolute favorite crystal tower!

Perfect size, shape, stone, and shipping.

This was actually a little bigger than I was expecting, which was a delightful surprise. It's exactly the shape I was looking for and I love the materials inside.

Au top, livraison rapide. Merci

Stunning piece, fast shipping!

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