Selenite tower 4" point generator cylinder pillar satin spar gypsum



This selenite tower is great to use as a generator crystal, for meditation or to clear negativity from an area. It stands about 4 inches tall by 1 inches wide. You can place a pair in a room to cleanse the energy. This is for one tower similar to the ones pictured. These are hand made natural products and each one is different.

According to the ancients Selenite is a stone of clarity. It is said to enhance mental flexibility and enable strong decision making abilities. Lore says It can lessen confusion and mental disorientation. Selenite is also believed to be a stone of truth. It is said it promotes good business practices as well as honesty in other types of relationships. Selenite is commonly associated with the moon. It is said to bring the energies of the unconscious, instinct, subconscious, and emotional well-being into a space. It's moon association also brings water energy to the space, enhancing intuition. Selenite is believed to remove energy blocks, especially from the physical and etheric bodies. It is also said to remove energy blocks in the bodies of other crystals and stones. It is excellent for clearing and charging other stones. It is also an excellent stone for protection grids.
Selenite emanates the most uplifting and positive vibrations for every activity of life. Selenite is a crystal that complements everything and instills deep peace and tranquility.

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Quality items. As described. Expectations met. Sweet little Selenite towers. Will get a lot of use from the . Perfect for anywhere that needs cleansing. Ove them. Great price too. Thank you. Blessings.

Great product!! Love studying crystal energy.

Beautiful. Just as expected. Nice quality.

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