Tumbled Vesuvianite Stone with Gift Bag and Note



You get one gift bag with the selected number of Vesuvianite tumbled stones similar to the ones pictured. The stone(s) you get are one half to one inch plus in size.
For scale, the coin pictured is a US Dime which is .7 inch (17.91 mm) in size. Every gift bag will be labeled with the stone name.

If you would like to order multiple bags of selected amount of stones, adjust quantity to reflect amount of bags of stones.

These would be great in a crystal grid or on an altar. It's also a great size to hold during a ritual or meditation.

Vesuvianite is believed to be connected to the heart chakra. This stone has been used to help release pent up anger in a gentle way that helps an individual find balance in their emotions. According to metaphysical beliefs, vesuvianite helps not only level out emotions, but can help us think level-headed by clearing negative or repetitive thoughts. Vesuvianite has been used as a gift to newlyweds due to its connotations as a cooperative stone that facilitates awareness of one's heart and an ability to express love. Though vesuvianite is not an actual birthstone, the gem is associated with the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn.

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Sadly, seller was out of these Vesuvianite tumbles but he was quick to contact and refund me.

Bought two Vesuvianite tumbles but seller only had 1 left. Promptly refunded me for the other one. My daughter found this stone very interesting. It’s nicely sized.

Beautiful stones! Nicely packaged with very useful info included, and arrived quickly…thank you!

Love love love! Another amazing purchase! Never disappointed!

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