Moldavite crystal geode cluster meterorite asteroid. MOL112 sme24


This amazing piece of Moldavite has great energy and a beautiful deep green color. This specimen is approximately 1/2 inch by 1/2 of an inch. It has such powerful energy.

Moldavite is a tektite- a result of an asteroid hitting the earth. It is the stone of Connectivity - the fusion of the earth and outer space. It is a stone of intense frequency and high vibration.  It can be transformative. It’s power can be felt almost immediately upon holding it. In ancient times it was thought to be a mystical stone that could bring good luck and fulfillment of wishes. Today it is thought of as one of the highest vibration stones we have access to. These natural green crystals are very powerful and can create transformation in your life. They have also been thought to be the stone known as “The Holy Grail Stone.” It is said that moldavite has the power to accelerate one’s spiritual path.

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